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Arranger: Kohl Kitzmiller

About Me

Welcome to Kohl Kitzmiller Music! First and foremost, I am an artist. I live to create. Over the course of my career, I have released multiple solo albums and songs as well as a healthy selection of YouTube videos featuring a variety of unique content. I aim to grow the artist facet of my business by continuing to generate content and share it with the world!

Established in 2015, most of the business of Kohl Kitzmiller Music consisted of a cappella learning tracks within the barbershop community. Learning tracks allow singers to learn their parts to songs without the need to read music. Shortly after making learning tracks, I began arranging vocal music for quartets and choruses, also within the barbershop community. A significant staple to my business, learning tracks and vocal arrangements helped to build the foundation of my business. I also record and edit albums for a variety of quartets and choruses. As this business continues to grow, albums are becoming a more prominent feature of the Kohl Kitzmiller Music portfolio. Adding yet another dimension to the business, I now also put virtual choirs together for any size ensemble.

Outside of my business, I am also an active member of two barbershop quartets and a barbershop chorus. The quartets are Instant Classic, Half and Half, and the chorus is Circle City Sound. A highly active part of each ensemble, I keep plenty busy outside of my work with rehearsals and performances across the United States and beyond!

My only goal is to brighten lives through my music. I hope to brighten yours <3